Cast curtain call

Here’s what people in San Francisco said about recent performances of FRIDA & DIEGO:

“Outstanding lyrics. Enchanting music. A charming portrayal of their lives.”
— Masha Zakheim, author of Diego Rivera In San Francisco

“Brilliant! Very funny and deeply moving. The songs are mesmerizing.”
— Joan Ablon, Professor Emerita UCSF, Anthropologist and author

“A masterful melding of music and lyrics.”
— Jean Pumphrey, Literary Director of Marin Poetry Center

“I enjoyed it very much!”
— Sandy Staggs, El Tecolote (Bay Area newspaper)

Frida & Diego is worthy of the big time.”
— Jose Luis Leiva, Theatre Director

December 13-21, 2002
The Diego Rivera Theatre
City College of San Francisco

Directed by Jose Luis Leiva
Musical Direction by Michael Shahani
Choreography by Dean Loumbas
Lighting Design by Jeffrey M. Kelly
Set Design by Richard Eisbrouch and J. L. Leiva
Costume Design by Robert Horek and J. L. Leiva
Sound Design by George Georges


Teresita Soto as Frida Kahlo
Teresita Soto
Diego Garcia
Melissa Wong Renatti
Josefin Persson
Sergio Almaguer
Rey Carolino
Perry Allado
Ted Herzberg
Robert Gelott
Brendan O’Brine
David Mugglebee
Birgit Koopmann
Antoine Zapata
Sarah Dean
Janet Lohr
Hernan Mermida
Jennifer Granat
Bernadine Boyette
Charlene Orjuela
Janet Forst
Dilcia Giron
Adalberto Coronado


Flute: Nancy Hunt
Violin: Gerardo Moreno
Trumpet: Keith Johns
Guitar: Niall Fordyce
Bass: Nadine Whitfield
Piano: Les McWilliams
Percussion: David Dieni
Marimba: Andrew Marchetti

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