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Adair and Keiko working on Frida & Diego

Keiko Takeda, Composer (left) began studying at the Yamaha Piano School in Japan at the age of 4. By 18, she was already playing with jazz bands around Tokyo before moving to Boston and earning her bachelor’s degree at the renowned Berklee College of Music. While living in Los Angeles, she embarked on theatre writing, where her musical Hog Heaven was produced. Keiko has composed, arranged and produced music for numerous film, television and radio projects, as well as two CDs of original compositions on Viagem Records -- Spirits and Poemas, the latter written while living in Rio de Janeiro and recorded with many of Brazil’s top musicians. Keiko has also studied in southern Spain and Cuba, whose rhythms and harmonies continue to inspire her. Since moving to New York from the West coast, she has performed in jazz venues, composed music for the dance company Dance Imprint and is involved with several theatre projects.

Adair Seldon, Lyricist/Librettist (right) began writing songs as a young girl in Dallas, Texas. While earning a BFA at the University of Arizona, she performed her original folk, blues and jazz songs at local venues. After moving to Los Angeles, she became an active songwriter in Hollywood, where she began writing for the theater. Her musical Hog Heaven was chosen for the Multi-Cultural Theater Festival and was produced at Barnsdall Theater in Los Angeles. Her international travels have been a great source of inspiration to her, but it was Adair’s many journeys through Latin America that moved her to write about the colorful lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. She has also written fiction and comedy and is an award-winning freelance advertising writer whose clients include Paramount Pictures, Sony Entertainment, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Nabisco. Adair is currently at work on a new musical.


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